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Well believe it or not, Search Engine Optimisation is not rocket science or black magic. We have developed over many years of working with clients listings on Google a effective method of creating sustainable high rankings in some of the most competitive classifications. SEO is a very time consuming and labour intensive strategy, however done correctly it can produce a long lasting source of enquiries. To help achieve this Jireh Technologies offers the following services:

Keyword, competitor and market analysis

We analyse your current website, your competition and take an overall look at the market you are in and looking to attract, this way we have a clear understanding of your goals and need. We then decide on the most suitable key terms to get you results that not only generate traffic but are specific to your business and hence will make enquiries not just plenty of visitors.

Onsite Optimisation

At Jireh Technologies, we understand how Google and the major search engines spiders crawl and then index websites. This allows us to implement a specific onsite SEO of both your code and content. The onsite SEO involves placing keywords in important parts of the HTML code for example the header, content, links and images. Finaly we resolve any onsite errors or issues that may have a negative affect on your ranking. With sites that have been poorly coded, we will re-write the code to make it more search engine friendly and allow the spiders to search and index the pages faster. The aim of this work is to make the website as easy as possible for the search engines to find, read and index your website whilst placing an emphasis on your major keywords.

Link Building

You may well have heard that having inbound links to your website is important, well you heard right. However not all links are created equal, only quality inbound links will have an effect on your ranking. Reciprocal links used to work but no longer do, Google realised that everyone was offering link exchanges with one another and made them count for next to nothing. We use the safest method of creating inbound links that are unique and relevant to your business and chosen key terms. they look natural from Googles point of view and the final result is that you will rank higher in the search engines faster and stay there longer than with links obtained using directories or other free services.

Reporting and monitoring

Compared to other forms of marketing where you have no easy way of measuring results, SEO is unique in the fact that it is easy measured and reported using Google analytics, These reports are free of charge and will come out to you very conveniently on a weekly basis right to your email.

As an SEO client you will be handled with top priority and will advise you of how your campaign is performing, answer any questions and make future recommendations.

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